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The Art Of Abstract Painting with Artist Leslie Newman

March 25-26, $395, Saturday 10:00-6:00, Sunday 11:00-6:00,  held at the Binder Art Supply in Buckhead
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This two-day workshop for new and/or experienced abstract artists is open to those familiar with acrylics.  Students should have a basic understanding of color who want to experiment with new ways of using these, or who are stuck in a slump.  The approach this instructor uses to create an abstract painting will be demonstrated.  There will be loosening up exercises and mark making.  Guided exercises will help liberate your individual style and and allow exploration as to where your journey will take you in the art of abstract. There will be no expectations, negative voices, dismissive criticism. This will be all about fun.  The color wheel and color mixing will be addressed to insure that everyone has the same basic understanding of these concepts.  Various washes and landing points, building and subtracting will be explored.  The many different styles of composition, value and shape will be discussed. Get out of your comfort zone, let loose your creativity, get rid of that inner critic that has you stuck.  By the final phase, you will be able to put the finishing touches on your own beautiful abstract painting!

Casey Childs - Portrait Painting Workshop (following Portait Society of America Atlanta Conference)
April 24 - 26, held at Muse & CO. Fine Art, Roswell, GA

This workshop will focus on building a stronger foundation in traditional portraiture. Students will work from a live model to create a convincing, lifelike portrait in oil. This workshop is open to artists with painting intermediate to advance experience interested in improving their ability in traditional oil painting.  Technical instruction will be supplemented with brief lectures and demonstrations to learn Casey's painting process.  Each student will receive individual attention during workshop.  This class is for the serious artist who wants to take his/her art career to the next level.  Key concepts including planes of the head, light and shadow, shapes, values & edges, color mixing, use of oil painting medium, brush control, studio practices and proper use of materials will be covered.

Casey Childs was born and raised in northern Wyoming.  Having a passion for creating art from an early age, his study with John Giarrizzo is when he gained a strong desire to be a painter.  After a ten-year stint as a graphic designer, he apprenticed with renowned portrait painter William Whitaker. Casey now paints full-time using the figure and nature as his source of inspiration for his work.  Awarded Second Place Painting in Portrait Society of America’s 2016 International Portrait Competition as well as a First Place Drawing the previous year, Casey has received international notoriety and recognition for his work. He has completed major commissions for the LDS Church with works now hanging in the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah and in the St. George Temple in St. George, Utah. Casey is represented by Principle Galleries in Alexandria, VA and Charleston, SC; Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara, CA; Haynes Galleries in Nashville, TN, and Meyer Gallery in Park City, UT. Learn more about him at www.caseychilds.com.
You can follow him at www.facebook.com/clc.childs and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/caseychildsart.

Scott Conary  - Painting the Story in Still Life
May 5 - 7, $495, Binders Art Supply, Friday and Saturday 10:00-5:00; Sunday 11:00-6:00


Painting the Story in the Still Life

Every painting, even the humble still life, has a story in it. It's told by what subject we choose to paint, how we present that subject, and how we paint it. Finding what interests us and how we connect to it drives that story, and directs how the painting is made. We will work on small still life paintings to explore the process—from thumbnail sketches, lighting the subject, considerations of composition, to the application of paint to build form with light, color and mark. We will walk the line between technique and intuition, using the still life as a way to explore paint, how we see, and why we make art.

Raised where the east coast suburbs filtered into the woods and farms, Scott Conary (RISD, BFA ’93) creates paintings of everyday objects and places with which we have complicated and often ambiguous relationships. Pulled from their context, they have something to say about how we interact with the world and each other. These are stories of the arbitrary nature of beauty, of melancholy, of fleeting triumph, and the camouflage of time: the meat we greedily consume but are repulsed by, the weed that fights to survive in the gaps of our attention, the old door used for generations but now forgotten, and so on.

Fueling and inspiring this work is his young daughter’s battle with complicated heart defects and her experiences with disability. And the impact that has had on those around her. This has directed his focus towards the narratives and tensions in the common, and is why he wanders deeper into the thicket of representational work.

He and his family live in Portland, Oregon.

Representation:  Principle, Charlestown, Sager/Braudis and Heidi McBride Galleries

vDavid Shevlino
June 16-18, $495.00, Friday & Saturday
10:00-5:00, Sunday 11:00-5:00,  held at the Binders Art Supply in Buckhead

This workshop involves painting the figure alla prima (wet into wet) and learning techniques used to create a fresh, direct response to our subjects. Demonstrations will be performed followed by the class painting from a model.  Students will learn to see and interpret the large, overall basic shapes of the nude figure instead of becoming distracted by details.  This helps the student achieve greater clarity and directness. This class will be particularly helpful to students who wish to paint more loosely with greater economy.

David Shevl
ino was born in Jersey City, NJ in 1962. A graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the University of Pennsylvania, he also studied at the Art Students' League in New York. Growing up near NYC, Shevlino was exposed to art as a teenager. He began making trips to art museums at age 15 and developed a love of traditional figurative painting.  His early work was very traditional and classically inspired.  However, after many years of experimenting, Shevlino began exploring a looser paint application which straddles the line between representational painting and abstraction.  This "in between" area is where the painter feels most comfortable and best able to express his artistic voice.  His paintings are characterized by broad brushstrokes, a sensuous application of paint and an obvious feel for tonal harmonies. At the same time, the artist demonstrates a firm sense of control, tightening up the composition through his deft modeling of the human form.

Representation: Quidley & Company, Sue Greenwood Fine Art, Gallery 1261, Gallerie Citi, Sommerville Manning Gallery

Painting the Portrait and Landscape in Watercolor with Stan Miller, September 22-24, $495, held at Binders Art Supply in Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia


The instructor will demonstrate daily both the landscape and portrait.  Students may paint exclusively either subject.  Instructor handouts with photo references will be available although students are encouraged to bring their own photos references that they are interested in painting.  The instructor will discuss how to transform these photos into good paintings.  Each student will receive daily individualized instruction.   The importance of drawing, value, color, design and technique will be addressed.   Some basic watercolor experience is strongly advised since advanced principles of watercolor painting will be covered.

Stan Miller is a signature member and award winner in the American Watercolor Society.  Within the last three years, Miller has exhibited and instructed in China, Vietnam, France and Thailand.  In 2014 he was a first-place award winner in the Artist’s Magazine National Competition and was an award winner and participant at the World Watercolor Competition and Exhibition in Narbonne, France.  In 2006 Stand was Grand Prize winner in the Watercolor Artist Magazine competition.  Miller has juried exhibition and given workshops throughout the United Stated and internationally for many years.  The full extent of his resme can be found on his website:  www.stanmiller.net